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Smart Board Resources

Page history last edited by Kel Moore 10 years, 5 months ago

**Some content on this page originally created by Johanna Lawler, SATL**

 Using Smart Boards in your Library Program

Smart Board Presentation Notebook  created by Johanna Lawler


 Smart Boards make any website interactive for students.  This is truly one piece of technology that students do not have at home.  This time, educators have the upper hand!  There are many, many reasons to use a Smart Board in your program.  Here are just a few of them.....    


 Enhance lessons 

Used across the curriculum 
User friendly 
Captures the audience 
Motivates students 
Students helping students 
Kinesthetic learning 
Teacher collaboration 
Student collaboration  
Provides a visual for key vocabulary concepts
Students actively involved

Think of a Smart Board as an upside down mouse.  The possibilities are endless..... 


Click here to connect to the GECDSB Smart Board Resource page.....


SMART Board Blog Site - This site comes to us from Winnipeg and has some interesting activities for the SMART Board


SMART Board Quick Tutorial Training Page - If you need a refresher on key SMART Board features, click here. 


GECDSB Web Based SMART Board Resource Page - This is a fantastic starting point for those who are just beginning their journey with the SMART Board...


SMART Tech Notebook 10 Training Handbook - A fantastic resource for using the most powerful program with the SMART Board


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