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 We have purchased 13 titles (see photo below) for the Benson Library so far.  They are titles for Junior and Intermediate readers.  We hope to build our collection with additional purchases throughout the year. 




What must I have to use a Playaway?

In order to check out a Playaway you MUST have a signed Playaway Contract on file with Mrs. Moore.  Click here for a copy of the contract that you can print out and take home for your parents to sign.


You must have your own headphones or earbuds. Playaways are powered by a AAA battery. See Mrs. Moore if your Playaway needs a new battery. A standard AAA battery will provide 12 hours of playing time, enough for most books. 








How can I find Playaways in the library catalog?

Do a keyword search on the term "playaway."




How do I change the battery?

Locate the battery clip at the wide base of the player. Then, use your thumb, a coin, or a screwdriver to push the clip, allowing you to unsnap and remove the cover. Replace the battery and snap the cover back into place. View a diagram with instructions.

How do I know how much battery life is left?

A small battery icon displays on the screen, reflecting four levels of battery life. When one bar is left in the battery icon, you have 20% power left.

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